~Seasonal Natural Food~

Phenology is our brand name and it is our founding principal... Phenology is the study of the seasonal natural phenomena of the cyclical nature of plants and animal life. It is in its essence, the circle of life. Our logo is a wreath representing the four seasons and our products are carefully designed and curated to show our love for the seasons and the seasonal fruit & vegetables we use to make up our Luxury Boxes, Harvest Tables and Seasonal Specials. We LOVE the seasons and we love the circle of life that we revolve in.

Phenology aims to create delicious, seasonal food items whilst educating ourselves and all of our patrons on the beautiful ways in which seasonal produce may be celebrated. We also love the many local producers around this incredible part of England which is why we endeavour to create recipes that include not only seasonal ingredients but as many British-grown alternatives as we can find. An example of this is our seasonal Apple & Squash Mince pies which are made with organic British produce and with chia seeds that have been grown in Britian.

We are excited to have you visiting our website - please do explore our various seasonal collections below. Please do get in touch with us via the "Harvest Tables" page for any event catering or the "Contact us" page for any general enquiries.

Seasons Greeting,

Harry & Ginny

Seasonal Specials